The integrated Road Research Facility (IRRF) is a unique research initiative committed to the evolution of sustainable roadway construction. IRRF researchers  and industry partners combine expert knowledge and resources to pioneer investigation into the use of recycled and waste materials in roadway projects. In addition to determining the feasibility of green construction options, the IRRF also seeks to answer important questions about the impact of cold climates on flexible pavement’s performance. Extreme climates such as Alberta’s results in deep and prolonged frost periods followed by spring thaw. This behavior requires special construction considerations; the IRRF endeavors to identify these requirements and their implications.

By employing innovative methods and advanced technologies, the IRRF ventures to progress engineering construction and design practices with alternate and sustainable road solutions.

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The IRRF is able to maintain is position at the forefront of sustainable road-related research through its state of the art facilities… In collaboration with a number of  industry leaders, the IRRF is currently investigating the use of tire-derived aggregate (TDA) for road embankment fill material… The research team at the IRRF consists of high-performance MSc. and PhD. students, as well as knowledgeable Postdoctoral Fellows…